Our shipping services are able to meet your needs for every occasion. If you are looking to move the items in your home, or the contents of your office, our experience in the shipping business will allow you to rest easy knowing your items are in good hands. Our shipping services cover computer and shipping services, antiques, furniture, artwork, college moves, international shipping, and many other situations as well. Our staff is well prepared to handle the packaging and shipment of your goods no matter where you are looking to send them. We are able to offer some of the lowest prices available because we continually have a high volume of shipments. We pass the savings directly on to you the customer in order to provide you with the best value possible.

Our Packaging services allow us to ship any item that you would like transported. Our employees are well trained when it comes to packaging items of any size and shape. We are experienced with packaging fragile items such as antiques and technological hardware that needs to be handled with care. You can rest easy knowing that our capable team is taking care of your valuable items so that they will arrive at their destination in exactly the same condition that they left in. Our packaging services take the safety and condition of your items very seriously when it comes to shipping them to another location.

We offer freight services as well if you are looking to send a large amount of items. We are based out of San Francisco however our freight services extend around the globe in order to meet your shipping needs. Your freight will be sure to reach its desired destination in good condition when you are utilizing our freight services for transportation.


Small Moves 
Small Moves

Whether you're moving a studio apartment, one room of furniture, or one item, Packaging Store is your small move solution.

Computer and Server Shipping Services 
Crating and Shipping Servers

Shipping your companies servers is no small task. To do it right you need a professional server shipping service. Ship Smart is now offering server and computer shipping services throughout the United States and internationally. Now you can move whole server racks, servers, or office PC's easily.

Shipping Antiques Moving Antiques

high value items like antiques, heirlooms and artwork are packed in our stock (environmentally friendly) crates? Packaging Store has worked with the most prestigious auction houses and antique dealers.

Furniture Shipping 
Shipping Furniture

Packaging Store gives options to meet every budget. 25 yrs of experience in shipping.

Artwork Shipping 
Shipping Art

Packaging Store has in-stock Art work boxes to crates for all shapes and sizes.

Senior Move Outs 
Senior Move Senior Moving

Packaging Store has experienced and courteous professionals available to help with small moves to retirement villages, nursing homes, and/or adult retirement facilities.

College Moves 
College Moving

Moving in and out of your college dorm room is quick and easy when done thru Packaging Store.

Small Movers 
Small Mover

Packaging Store is America's number one small mover. Compare small movers and their services and you will see who has the best prices for the best service

International Moves 
International Small Move and Shipping Services

Packaging Store has over 25 yrs of experience and full list of Entry points to each country. Export documentation is not foreign to us.

International Small Move and Shipping Services
International Small Move and Shipping Services




Office Moves 
Small Office Move Services

Office moves requires precise pick up schedules with good co-ordination of on site packing. Let Packaging Store handle this for you.

Antique and Artwork Dealers 
High value shipping services

Auction houses and antique dealers enjoy our On Account billing with quick quoting.

Large Parcel and Freight (LTL) Services 
Parcel and LTL Freight Shipping

Full Truck load or Less than Truck load shipping, let Packaging Store determine the best.

Small Moving Companies 
Small Moving Company

See how other companies compare to our small moving practices. Why have blanket wrap consolidators move your shipment when our company can custom pack and ship your items for the same price.

International Small Move and Shipping Services
International Small Move and Shipping Services
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